In 1896 Wilhelm Pfalz founded an enterprise producing parts for different machines. But after some time, in the beginning of the new century, the company switched into production of heat exchangers. And yet in 1910 the first boiler of the brand Rapido on solid fuel was made. Thus was laid the beginning of the production of modern heating devices of Rapido, which has nearly 100 years of experience in the field of heating and making of hot water.

Today Rapido is one of the main manufacturers of boiler equipment in the German market, who are not only engaged in the supply of the equipment, but who also provides comprehensive services for the installation and maintenance of boilers of their own production. 

The market offers a wide spectrum of manufactured products: from wall boilers to solar panels and boilers of pellets. Each product goes through strict quality control, is individually tested and adjusted. 

Products of company Rapido have all the European and Russian certificates.

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